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Partnership Essentials

Are you new to corporate partnerships or adding someone new to the team? Want to make a flying start in your new role? Switching from a different fundraising/ marketing role and trying to get your head around partnerships?

Partnership Essentials is perfect for you. We provide a live learning program filled with tips, information, templates and insights : everything you need to know for your first 100 days. It’s the specialised professional development you can’t get anywhere else, that we wish we’d had when we were starting out. Get off to a flying start, impress your boss and set yourself up for success.  We cover topics such as :

  • An introduction to corporate partnerships- demystifying the jargon and why partnerships are different
  • What can a corporate partner do for you? Different types of partnerships, how to get the maximum value from a partner
  • How to assess an existing portfolio and maximise the relationships you’ve already got.
  • Managing your internal stakeholders-why and wo do you need to be successful, how to set the right expectations with your manager and colleagues and get the support you need.
  • Creating a partnership plan- what should be in it? What do I need first?
  • Starting to approach new partners- what’s the ideal timing? What do I need to do in preparation? What are the stages of the partnership engagement cycle?

In the Partnership Essentials program, you’ll receive:

  • 5 x 1hr live learning sessions
  • Tips, tools and easy to use templates
  • 60 mins of 1-1 coaching from the Stellar team
  • A Partnership Essentials graduation certificate to add to your professional development credentials

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Our next program will commence on Wednesday 27th March.

Dates and times (AEST):

  1. Wednesday 27th March, 12 – 1pm
  2. Wednesday 3rd April, 12 – 1pm
  3. Wednesday 10th April, 12 – 1pm
  4. Wednesday 17th April, 12 – 1pm
  5. Wednesday 1st May, 12 – 1pm

All webinars will be recorded so if a session time or date doesn’t work for you then you can watch the recording at your convenience.

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One on one support to develop your partnership knowledge.


For Corporates

Are you a business looking for help in finding your charity partner?

Intensive live learning workshops

Want to join a group of like-minded people on the same partnership journey? Maybe you’ve got a whole team that you’d like to upskill? Or perhaps you’re not ready for bespoke consulting but need help on a specific partnership area. Our group training program is the perfect fit for you.

We offer live learning group training sessions on the most popular stages of the partnership engagement cycle:

  1. Introduction to corporate partnerships- different types, examples, value and prerequisites. What could corporate partnerships deliver for you?
  2. Creating your catalogue of assets and benefits- what do you have to offer a corporate?
  3. Identifying the right prospects for your organisation
  4. Preparing to pitch: techniques and tools for winning a new partnership
  5. Working with board, leadership and internal stakeholders: building understanding, support and participation for partnerships

We provide a 2hr live learning session, packed with insights, tips, processes and information, plus a 30 min Q&A to cover your specific issues. You’ll have the chance to ask all of the thorny partnership questions that no-one else can answer and share the journey with others in the partnership community. We provide lots of real-life partnership examples to inspire you and to help you avoid the typical pitfalls of partnerships.

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