Stellar Partnerships Webinar: Managing Corporate Partnerships in Extraordinary Times - 25th March 2020

Please watch the webinar via this link

We know you are all facing a lot of challenges right now. There are unprecedented changes hitting us all.

Linda and I have decided that the best way we can support the sector is to bring you together virtually to accelerate the learnings of what’s going on in partnerships right now. We are going to host a free Zoom catch up for all Corporate Partnership Managers next Wednesday around managing partnerships through crisis. Please join us for a big virtual group hug and we’ll share the tips and learnings we have from making it through the 2008 GFC with Corporate Partners.

We’re all in this together so let’s lean in and learn what we can from what our peers.

ACNC Webinar: Charities and corporate partners - 20th March 2019

Please watch the webinar via this link

The Xfactor Collective Sessions

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What's the difference between sponsorship and partnerships?

What are businesses looking for in charities?

How to understand your partnership assets

How to find corporate partners for your charity or cause?

Is there value in charities partnering together to pitch to partner?

How to promote a topic to partners that might be taboo?

Is there a role for regular giving in growing partnerships?

How to find a partner to take an existing program Australia-wide?

Partnering with a major brand to expand operations

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Tapping into New Markets -Creating Social Partnerships with SME’s

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Episode 14 – How charities work with corporate partners

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