Does this sound familiar?

You’re the only person in your organisation that understands partnerships

You have nobody to bounce new partnership ideas around with

When you get stuck or don’t know the best way forward, you have no one to go to for advice

Corporate partnerships are a specialist expertise and can often be a lonely journey. If you don’t progress your partnerships program then it will decline. Where growth stops, decay begins. The good news is you are not alone. You just need specialist expertise to help you with your particular challenges. We’d love to help you.

We have 100’s of partnership conversations every year. We speak to partnership managers, fundraising directors, CEO’s and we speak to those who are on the other side of the table. Our industry and market knowledge are second to none. What would it be like to brainstorm your partnership ideas with people who really get it?

3Ps model

We can inspire you and fast track your results.

Here’s what coaching with Stellar Partnerships can do:

  • Brainstorm your partnership activations
  • Think creatively about partnership solutions
  • Navigate your internal challenges
  • Provide you with best practise advice
  • Stop you making poor decisions when you need to get it right

We offer good honest advice and care about your success. Our coaching approach is to offer you smart, strategic and is depth support for your particular organisation. You’ll get the best results, improve your confidence and increase your skills.

Focused on the Individual

One size does not fit all. In order to maximise the impact of coaching, participants choose their individual topics for discussion and outcomes are designed accordingly.

Proven Tools and Techniques

All tools and techniques used by us have thoroughly tried and tested and are subject to ongoing development.

Extensive Experience

Our team have 30+ years’ combined experience of working specifically on corporate partnerships. We both have a wide range of experience and have worked on 100’s of partnerships. We know what works.

Integrated Framework

We use our existing knowledge of partnerships and the methodologies we know work with a GROW coaching framework that is uniquely tailored to your individual needs and the needs of your organisation.

Coaching Model V2

Here’s why we started coaching Ronald McDonald House Charities a few years ago and continue to help them get the best results.

RMHC Coaching Case Study

If you need practical solutions, some external perspective and new possibilities in partnerships please get in touch:

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Their expertise and knowledge of corporate partnerships is second to none. Stellar was able to educate and inspire my new starter, giving them the tools and knowledge to begin their role with confidence.

Adele McIntosh
National Relationships Manager

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