For Corporates

We provide strategic advice and support to corporates wishing to partner with a Not for Profit. Based on our deep understanding of the sector, we help you find the partner that delivers on your long term goals and achieves the social outcomes that you’re passionate about.

We do this through:

  • A review of your strategy, goals and aspirations for a new NFP partnership to determine the best strategic fit
  • Methodology for identification and shortlisting of NFP partners, including requests for tenders
  • Due diligence, research and qualification of potential partners
  • Assistance in negotiations with your chosen NFP partner to finalise the terms and expectations of the partnership
  • Creation of monitoring, evaluation and contractual frameworks to ensure mutual understanding of success in the partnership
  • A review of your existing Not for Profit partners to determine ongoing strategic fit and identify further potential

Stellar Partnerships can assist with the entire end to end process of identifying and securing a new NFP partner. We can also provide discrete elements of support as required.

Your outcomes

  • A partner that is the right strategic fit for your organisational goals and aspirations
  • A search and shortlisting process that is robust, thorough and respectful of the interested NFP organisations
  • Common understanding of goals and expectations from the partnership, built into formal documentation and frameworks.
  • The foundations for a sustainable and mutually valuable partnership that will be able to grow and develop in future years.

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