The COVID-19 crisis has caused a seismic shift for corporate partnerships. Corporate partnerships have now moved well beyond the traditional models of corporate philanthropy and sponsorship. Whilst this presents some challenges, it also provides massive opportunities for those not-for-profits willing to step up and embrace this shift.

You don’t want to miss out on maximising the unique opportunities in the new partnerships landscape.

The way in which partnerships are being won has changed dramatically. With increased competition in the not-for-profit sector, it will be the organisations that take a strategic approach in targeting the right partners who will be successful.

Do you have any of the following issues?

  • There are so many corporates, where do I start?
  • Who should I be talking to?
  • I’m having lots of meetings but they aren’t converting into partnerships
  • I’m being told they don’t have budget right now for a partnership
  • I’m sending lots of proposals but nobody is getting back to me
  • I’m under pressure to deliver results and hit my targets

If so, you need a clear strategy to help you succeed.

The most common challenge for corporate partnership managers is how to find the right prospects for their non-profit.

Corporate partnerships are not a numbers game.

Creating a random prospect list or relying on unsolicited approaches from corporates will give you limited success.

You want to find major partners for your not-for-profit. To do this you need to be clear on your strategic ambitions, your needs and what you have to offer. This program will give you a systematic approach to identifying those prospects that are highly aligned and will become valuable major partners for you.

It is essential to do the internal work first. Our proven FIND process ensures that you focus on the right things in the right order and work with a system that sustains you into the future. It will ensure that your organisation is fully mobilised to support valuable partnerships.

  • 4 x 2hour live zoom sesssions held weekly
  • Flipped classroom model – you get the work completed during the program
  • High quality tools, templates, videos and worksheets for every module
  • Real life examples, tips and guidance from Stellar Partnerships
  • Small group learning to address your specific challenges and keep you accountable

4 modules covering our FIND Major Partners system:


get at least 10x the value in new partnership for every dollar invested

At the end of the FIND Major Partners program you will have:

  • A clear articulation of your NFP’s strategic ambitions and what you need from a partner
  • A deep understanding of what you have to offer to a potential partner
  • A risk management framework that stops you saying yes to the wrong partner
  • A list of hot prospects that are strategically aligned to your organisation
  • A compelling value proposition about why you are a great fit for your hot prospects

The benefits for you:

  • More success with prospecting
  • Win bigger, more valuable partners and get there quicker
  • Achieve your targets and KPI’s
  • Secure valuable and profitable partnerships that deliver to your mission
  • Have fun and gain confidence whilst securing new partners
  • Stop wasting your time on partnerships that drain your time and resources

Complete in 4 weeks the work that other organisations spend 12 months to do.

Don’t miss out on the unique opportunities in the new corporate partnerships space. Make 2022 your year to finally conquer corporate partnerships.

When: Sessions for 2 hours weekly, over 4 weeks. Enquire about upcoming courses dates below.

Talk to us about options for your whole team:


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