Partnership Acquisition Skills


When it comes to acquiring new corporate partnerships, the levels of confidence among partnership managers can be found in these five categories.

  • Fear : The thought of picking up the phone to make a cold introduction fills them with an overwhelming anxiety. The fear of failure and fear of rejection and   paralyses them into inaction.
  • Hate : Many partnership managers hate doing business development. They know it’s  part of their role but feel underequipped on how to do to it. A lack of enjoyment and confidence will affect their success and cause procrastination, excuses or avoidance.
  • Need : There is pressure from their organisation and leadership to be out there developing new opportunities and new partnerships. Often this is where partnership managers begin the process but in a haphazard way with limited success. Pressure combined with frustration is the cause of frequent turnover in partnership roles and an organisation’s partnership program doesn’t progress.
  • Want : Corporate partnerships managers want to make the approach but don’t have the key skills and are unsure  why they are having limited success in winning new partners.
  • Love : New opportunities, new partners and increased revenue. Partnership managers are loving their job and feeling confident and fulfilled.



Corporate partnerships are a long-term investment and partnership managers need to be equipped with the right tools, knowledge and skills to ensure their success in winning new partnerships. Partnership managers can’t afford to simply wait for corporates to approach them, especially in a competitive environment.

If you want to achieve your KPI’s, feel more fulfilled in your role and leave behind the anxiety and fear, then this program is for you.

This is the only partnership acquisition skills program in Australia, especially designed for the non-profit sector, by experts with over 30 years’ hands-on partnership experience. We know what works and how to make you successful.

Three in-depth modules


-How to get the meeting
-Elevator pitch
-What to say/ write in your intro
-Meeting plan


-Building rapport
-What questions you should ask
-Open, yes and no questions
-What to put in a pitch
-Gap analysis and problem solving

to an

-Reading the room
-How much to ask for
-Key questions to close the deal
-Overcoming objections
-Keeping them warm
-Personal dashboard

Helping good Partnership Managers close more deals


Partnership Acquisition Skills includes:

-3 x 90 minute sessions, over 3 consecutive days, delivered live via Zoom

-Tools, worksheets and a best practise methodical approach that works.

By the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Win new partners in the next 12 months
  • Be happy to proactively contact new partners
  • Successfully close the deal on new partnerships
  • Feel confident and assured
  • Increase your revenue and total partnership value
  • Enjoy your role and find joy in creating new partnerships

Brochure is available for download at the bottom of the page

Special COVID 19 offer – ‘Koha’

We know that 2020 was an unprecedented year. Some of you are thriving and for some of you things are tight, financially. We’re introducing a Koha pricing policy. Koha is a Maori custom where you give what you can depending on your circumstance.

  • Struggling – reduced hours and you’re on Job Keeper – $399 plus GST
  • Things are tough but I’m hanging in there – $499 plus GST
  • Flat out – I am grateful that my role and organisation is going well – $599 plus GST

Download the brochure here

One payment by credit card

Struggling - reduced hours and on Job Keeper - $399 plus GST

One payment by credit card

Things are tough but I'm hanging in there - $499 plus GST

One payment by credit card

I'm grateful. My role & organisation is going well - $599 + GST

    Would you rather pay by bank transfer? Contact us to request an invoice

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