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Stellar Partnerships

Stellar Partnerships: Corporate & Community Partnership

Are you ready to rethink corporate partnerships?

Non-profits are doing it tough. There’s an increased demand for your services. At the same time traditional fundraising is struggling. You know there is potential with corporate partnerships but where do you start? Or maybe you’ve started and got stuck. Partnerships Reimagined will set you on the right path. Let’s create partnerships for good.
Here’s your roadmap for building high-value, sustainable, corporate partnerships. Partnerships Reimagined will give you:
It will change the way you think about corporate partnerships and energize you to do more.

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Praise for Partnerships Reimagined

For anyone interested in gaining more support to create impact, Partnerships Reimagined is a must read. It highlights that these are unique relationships, provides a roadmap to success and for avoiding barriers.

John McLeod
Senior Consultant at JBWere

Keen to team up with companies to make bigger impact together? This easy-to-digest book is your ‘go-to-whoa’ roadmap. It’s an empowering read, reminding you of what’s important and giving an easy-to-apply strategic checklist for your nonprofit. Favourite bits? How to become partner-ready, engaging internal stakeholders, avoiding the cycle of frustration, reading corporate websites differently, idea-sparking stories of powerful partnerships, memorable acronyms so you retain the principles, and pithy phrases that force you to do better, like ‘solve don’t sell!’. My advice? Take a couple of days out. Read each chapter, diagnose where to lift your game and populate your own improved partnership strategy and implementation plan.

Dr Wendy Scaife
Adjunct Associate Professor, Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies - QUT

It all resonated. I found myself nodding away in agreement as I was reading, smiling in many parts at their humour, and more than anything wishing that I had this book in my passionate yet inexperienced hands when I started off in the world of corporate partnerships. If you are already working in the space, it will inspire you to do more, it may reassure your current decisions, and it most certainly will challenge the way you think about corporate partnerships. The real-life examples of successful partnerships are great food for thought for not-for-profits to think outside the box, as the book looks to break from tradition and move with the times. If you are new to corporate partnerships, the book is laden with insightful tips which your charity will be able to use to develop a solid partnership strategy. This book is a blueprint for achieving your ultimate corporate partnership. If you use all the tips and follow the advice which can be found in the many templates, diagrams, and examples, you will be on your way to landing your next sustainable and significant corporate partnership. Most importantly, it will help you succeed!

Sally Sweeney
Head of Dolly’s Dream

I loved this book! Linda and Sharon really dove deep into everything you need to know about corporate partnerships. It's like they read the minds of partnership pros, answering all the burning questions they have. For any nonprofit looking to step up their game and bring in more corporate support, this is your go-to guide. In my book, this book is five stars!

Joe Waters
Selfish Giving USA