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The need for partnerships in a polarised world

I once visited the World War One battlefields in France. It was moving to see the fields of crosses that stretched far into the distance.…

Break 3 habits for better partnerships

During the summer holidays our habits change. We get used to sleeping in, moving at a slower pace in the heat, long lunches and ice…

Our 12 Christmas wishes

1.       May your Christmas be filled with laughter, love, and plenty of chocolate. 2.       We hope your Christmas dinner is delicious and disaster-free. 3.       May…

Get a flying start in 2023

When my kids were little their Santa list grew exponentially as new toy catalogues arrived in the mailbox. Every possibility sparked joy, but unlike Marie…

Imploding sports sponsorships: 3 lessons

There is something very interesting going on in sports sponsorships this year. Unless you’ve banned yourself from all media in Australia, you would have heard…

Get your $1 million dollar partnership

I never thought I’d agree with Donald Trump. Not with his ideas about disinfectant cures for COVID, why Nazis are good people or how global…

4 lessons from a food blogger

Cookbooks are my guilty secret. Like a teenager sneaking porn into his bedroom, I try to hide the latest acquisition in the bookshelf, where my…

4 habits to reclaim more time in your day

When COVID forced us all to work from home, many people discovered an unexpected benefit. We had more time in the day. The commute to…

7 signposts for success in cause marketing

Everything 1980s is back in fashion - shoulder pads, big hair, bold colours, Duran Duran. I should never have cleaned out my closet, as my…

4 risks that derail corporate partnerships

Sometimes the lure of big money can make us overlook the risks behind a decision. Like a gambler convinced that the next game is going…

5 things to expect when prospecting

Years’ ago my running coach taught me that when you’re running up a hill your eyes are down. Why? Because you don’t want to see…

4 tips to make your partners feel loved

“There is no duty more indispensable than returning a kindness” Cicero Only two more haircuts to the end of the year! My friend measures time…