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How to be pirates in the navy

Steve Jobs famously said it was ‘more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy”. He meant that big bureaucracies are slower to…

5 ways partnerships are like parenting

“Parenting is a lot like folding a fitted bed sheet. No-one knows how.” It was Mother’s Day last weekend and hundreds of mums were wakened…

The 5 small things to give your partnerships program a big lift

The Biblical story of David and Goliath is one of triumph over a much bigger foe. David the shepherd boy volunteers to fight the giant…

Your worst nightmare could be your best prospect

When non-profits look for new corporate prospects, they look for things they have in common. Unlike dating, opposites don’t attract in corporate partnerships. Finding alignment…

6 things your community partner wants you to know

I’ve amassed a ton of photos from family trips when my kids were little. We uncovered some albums recently and sat down together to revisit…

What to do if your partner has no budget

The Royal Family aren’t short of a dollar or two. It must be nice to have the crown jewels in storage for a rainy day.…

The quiet achiever in your corporate partnerships program

We held an Easter egg hunt last Sunday for all the kids at church. We hid a ton of tiny eggs in nooks and crannies…

Everything, everywhere, all at once

What would you do if you got everything you wanted, all at once? Would you be celebrating or panicking? Social media is full of stories…

Navigating the messy middle- the S in ESG

Every one of my female friends has the same configuration in her kitchen. The top drawer holds the day-to-day cutlery. The third drawer has tea…

The 3 expenses of inaction

My neighbour Jimmy has lived in his house for 60 years. The suburb at that time was full of recent migrants and tradies and people…

4 ways to walk the talk in social purpose

The world is full of contradictions. The celebrities who trumpet their environmental warrior credentials from the deck of their luxury yacht; Jeff Bezos thanking Amazon…

A new perspective on IWD

Every year around International Women’s Day I hear the same question: what about the men? Why isn’t there an international day for men? Spoiler alert,…