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3 ways to challenge your self-view

When we look in a mirror we see ourselves in a certain way. Others look at us and see things differently. This was amplified recently…

3 ways to exploit corporate ESG strategies

Winter is coming and holiday adverts for tropical places are looking enticing. But nobody wants to arrive at their chosen destination and find every inch…

7 steps to finding the right contact 

How is your partnership prospecting going? Unless you’ve got a Rolodex like a legendary PR guru, I suspect you don’t have the connections to the…

3 ways to help corporates attract conscious consumers

Fifty years ago Milton Friedman declared that the primary purpose of business was to make profit. Milton didn’t reckon on the Millennials or Gen Z,…

Insights from an award-winning partnership

Dolly’s Dream won the 2024 FIA award for Best Strategic Partnership. We go behind the scenes with Sally Sweeney, Head of Dolly’s Dream, to unpack…

4 partnership pop stars – which one are you?

Social media is full of quizzes that are a wonderful time waster, especially if you’re waiting for a train. At any given time I’ve explored…

5 tips for success with corporate foundations

Corporates have been busy setting up their own charitable foundations. These foundations are tax effective vehicles for corporate giving, allowing them to maximise the value…

The 3-second rule for great negotiations

Primary school teachers are the gold standard negotiators. When you’re wrangling a room full of 6-year-olds your day is filled with endless micro negotiations. At…

3 things damaging your partnership prospecting

Your organisation is desperate for some new income and you’ve worked hard on a new website, some glossy collateral and great images. You may even…

3 principles of commercial collaborations

The supermarket shelves are awash with collaborations as brands join forces to create new experiences for consumers. Some are inspired successes and others should never…

What’s your partnership superpower?

Social media is a great entertainer when you’re waiting for the next train. Last week I found myself down a rabbit hole of unusual celebrity…

7 hot tips for cause marketing success

Everything 1980s is back in fashion - shoulder pads, big hair, bold colours, Rick Astley. I should never have cleaned out my closet, as my…