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Is it getting harder to do business?

Businesses are now operating in a volatile and competitive economic environment, managing more complexity and the way forward is ambiguous or uncertain. Customers, staff, investors and stakeholders are demanding more.

What brought you here?

Our world is changing

A strategic approach to becoming a socially responsible business will unlock higher performance for your people, your marketing and your operations. Most importantly, your business will create sustainable and positive change for the world. You will do good and do better business.

How can we help you?

Getting started — review and assessment

A review and assessment of your CSR and community activities to give you a clear picture of your current situation. We review social responsibility strategies from the comparable peers in your sector, provide insights on best practice and demonstrate how your business is positioned. We look at your business ambitions, brand identity, gaps and pain points to identify areas for improvement and the untapped potential for your business. The results are provided in a comprehensive report that includes recommendations on the best way forward for social responsibility.

Social purpose statement

Through interviews, workshops and discussions with staff and stakeholders, we create a social purpose statement for your business. It provides the overarching statement of the societal benefits that your business creates for the world. It helps to create a narrative that brings together the business’ brand identity/ personality, culture and values and guides the CSR/ social responsibility strategy.

Developing a social responsibility framework, goals and plan

Through workshops and discussions with staff and stakeholders, we develop key pillars of social responsibility that are aligned to your business ambitions, brand, social purpose, capacity and resources. The framework and goals are tested and refined through consultation with leaders and staff to ensure commitment and understanding. A gap analysis is conducted, to identify areas where a community partner can contribute. The final document provides key implementation steps and recommendations on the types of community partners that are the best fit.

Partner search and selection

Building on the social responsibility framework, Stellar Partnerships will conduct a partner search and selection process. We identify a shortlist of candidates for review, provide insights and support for the final selection. If required, Stellar Partnerships will advise on tructuring the partnerships to ensure clarity of mutual objectives, appropriate measurement and monitoring and best practice maintenance of the relationship.

Your business has the option of selecting one or more options to tailor to your specific needs.

Stellar Partnerships is a foundation member of Benefolk, Australia’s first social impact collective. This enables you to access specialist, pre-vetted social change consultants on demand if your needs extend beyond the core social responsibility project

Alchemy Case study

About Alchemy

Alchemy Construct is a Tier 2 construction company specialising in buildings of impact that enhance social infrastructure and community strength. Alchemy is led by two entrepreneurial Scots who are committed to changing the faces of construction and leaving a legacy of positive social impact for everyone.

The challenge

The Alchemy founders wanted to develop a genuine and meaningful CSR program but didn’t know where to start. It felt like they were wandering in the dark through a vast universe of possibilities; they needed a more strategic approach. Alchemy was already getting questions about CSR and social impact from their customers during the tender and bid process. Similarly their staff were asking for opportunities to use their skills and get involved in community projects. In a competitive market, with a war for talent, Alchemy needed to stand out. Importantly, Alchemy wanted to ensure an authentic approach to CSR that genuinely reflected its unique culture, brand and identity.

The solution

The Stellar Partnerships team built on Alchemy’s brand, core values and culture to ensure that the social purpose statement formed the anchor point for the CSR strategy. Through team workshops, leadership interviews and staff consultation, the team created a set of guiding principles, framework and processes for future CSR initiatives. This included identifying the key pillars and priorities for the CSR approach, the key principles and overarching themes linked to the UN SDG’s and guidelines for future CSR investments. The final CSR strategy document provided a unifying narrative that enables consistency in future communications, strategic choices and investment decisions.

The result

Alchemy now has a clear direction for social purpose and CSR that is simple and well laid out. The CSR strategy has clear goals and metrics, is integrated with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and amplifies Alchemy’s brand and social purpose.

The participation of staff during the process and the opportunities for them to bring their unique perspectives ensured that the final CSR strategy was recognised and owned by everyone. The CSR strategy and key initiatives are being woven into the bid process for new projects and Alchemy now has a clear and compelling narrative for staff, customers and stakeholders. Alchemy is well on the way to create lasting impact for the community and positioning itself as the go-to place for rising talent.

"It was brilliant to work with Linda and Sharon at Stellar. CSR can be a minefield with so many options for companies. We didn’t want an ad hoc ‘stab in the dark’ scatter gun approach. We wanted to ensure that our social purpose and CSR work was very much linked to our values, and who we are as people and as a business – and that it was a central feature of our company.
What came of the work with the team, was us realising that in our business the things we all cared about were very similar when it came to social issues, and that our desire to do good was strong. We would not have been able to consolidate and have a clear path for our CSR with nine specifically set goals, without the ‘stellar’ work – of the team at Stellar! "
SarahAnne Munro​
Director Brand and Marketing