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The way in which partnerships are being won has changed dramatically. There is increased competition and desire. Businesses are looking for fewer but deeper and more impactful community partners. You need to be strategic to be successful. We work with you to determine which partners are right for your organisation.

Corporate partnerships are not a numbers game.

Creating a random prospect list or relying on unsolicited approaches from corporates will give you limited success. You need to be strategic with your relationships and demonstrate high alignment.

Our proven methodology will enable you to take a strategic approach to identifying the best partners for your organisation.

case study

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia (RMHC) provides a home away from home for families travelling long distances for the treatment of their child’s serious illness or injury. RMHC keeps families connected and together during the most stressful times in their lives so that they concentrate on what matters most, their health and wellbeing as well as the recovery of their child’s serious illness. RMHC is a national charity located in both metro and regional locations in Australia. The organisation is structured with 11 chapters running the programs within each region (with each chapter having separate fundraising and partnerships) and a national head office. National partnerships are managed through the national head office.

The situation

Due to a series of changes within the organisation, the National Corporate Partnerships team at RMHC required support in areas of mentoring and professional coaching to assist with maintaining drive and momentum supporting their strong corporate partner base. The small corporate partnerships team were already successful with partnerships but wanted to know how they could do things better and understand innovative ideas and opportunities that could assist with not only retaining and recognising current partners but also looking at opportunities driving new business support. The team wanted to use their limited resources as efficiently as possible and maximise the value from existing partnerships and gain some perspective about overcoming the challenges.

The solution

Stellar Partnerships provided regular, 1-1 coaching to the two exceptional national partnership managers at RMHC. We provided a combination of perspective, problem solving and possibilities to ensure they were delivering best practise corporate partnerships. Each quarter they bring their thorny partnership issues so that we can brainstorm them together and help them choose the best options for each partnership challenge and opportunity. The issues covered range from how to maximise a partnership activation, how to keep long term partnerships fresh and the best way to influence internal stakeholders. The RMHC team could also tap into Stellar’s industry knowledge about the partnership landscape and learn from partnership successes and failures across the NFP sector.

The result

They have been able to direct their limited time and resources to where they will gain maximum partnership value. The RMHC team has implemented best practice relationship management and a suite of innovative ideas that were developed during the coaching sessions. The relationship with Stellar Partnership has now reached its third year and the team hope to continue the partnership with Stellar into the future.

“I first met the team from Stellar over 5 years ago when I joined the NFP sector coming from a media and marketing background. This initial workshop assisted with a deep dive into the sector. When we required training & development the first organisation we thought of was Stellar Partnerships. Over the past three years, we have worked closely with Linda and Sharon to work through challenges and opportunities with the priority of best practice supporting our very valued corporate partners. We received motivation and inspiration when we needed it the most, we continue to be ever grateful for Linda and Sharon’s time and support.”
Benita Gevorkian
National Corporate Partnerships Manager RMHC Australia