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Stellar Partnerships

Stellar Partnerships: Corporate & Community Partnership

From Start to Stellar

Let us help you win more corporate partnerships. Whether you are just starting out in corporate partnerships, or perhaps you’re looking to refresh your strategy and approach. We help you with every step of the process from strategy development to optimizing current relationships and finding new partners. Our signature system takes you from zero to hero.

Strategic analysis

Your strategic ambitions and priorities are the anchor point for all future partnerships. A clear understanding of where you are going, what you need to get there, why you need partners and what you have to offer to partners is the foundation for all successful partnership programs.

Identify Prospects

Alignment is the key to successful and sustainable partnerships. Using the information gathered in stage 1 we help you identify the best fit industries and businesses for your organisation. This includes a bespoke framework to manage the risk of partnering with corporates and a best practise template for research and profiling.

Winning Partners

Winning aligned partners that have the capacity to grow into 'stellar' partnerships can transform your organisation for years to come. This stage involves working with you to develop the skills, tools and templates to prospect, win and nurture sustainable partnerships.

Read how we helping Legacy secure $5m+ within 12 months

Legacy Australia case study

Legacy Australia provides essential support to the families of veterans, ensuring that no-one suffers as a result of their loved ones’ service to the country. In 2023 Legacy celebrates its 100th anniversary, a significant milestone. But during recent years the Legacy name has become less well known. Other causes have been more prominent and there are new organisations working in innovative ways to support veterans. Legacy created the Centenary Torch Relay to be the catalyst for reinvigorating the brand, inspiring the community and positioning itself for the next 100 years. The biggest problem was starting from scratch, with no corporate partners for the Torch Relay.
Legacy followed the Start to Stellar strategic process, building a clear idea of their needs, value proposition and offer. This allowed them to target the best fit corporate prospects and use their limited time wisely. The Legacy team were ambitious in the level of support they requested from corporate partners, confident with their offering and avoiding the trap of the gold, silver and bronze sponsorship approach that they’d used in previous years. Within the first twelve months they had secured three key partners, Defence Health, BAE and Lockheed Martin, yielding over $5mln in support. In addition they received in-kind commitments of over $6.5mln from other key partners. The prospecting isn’t finished yet and the Legacy team are confident that they’ll hit their desired target of $10mln in support. They will have gone from zero to hero in less than 18 months. Most importantly, the process of bringing together the 44 Legacy clubs across Australia through the Torch Relay and its corporate partners has inspired members to collaborate more effectively and renew their pride in the organisation. The next 100 years is looking very bright for Legacy.