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Growing exceptional partnerships requires you to prioritise, nurture and retain your best partners so you can develop them into transformational partners.

Have you got a portfolio of wonderful partners that you think cannot just be great, but can be exceptional?

Yaaaay, congratulations. Now, how do you get them thinking about how they can be exceptional? How will you find the time to develop all the partnerships you currently manage? What about the ones who aren’t performing and you’re not sure what to do next? If you’re looking to grow your portfolio, and protect your partnerships by keeping them fresh, nurtured, and valued then we can help.

Helping ambitious partnership managers achieve better results

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Helping ambitious partnership managers achieve better results

Ovarian Cancer Australia- case study

Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) is a passionate and dynamic national organisation who provide care and support for those affected by ovarian cancer; and represent them by leading change in the treatment, research and awareness of the most deadly of all female cancers. Their vision is to save lives and ensure that no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone.

The situation

Have you ever been so busy managing partnerships that you can’t see the wood for the trees anymore? Thinking time is a luxury when you’re juggling the constant demands of your partners.
This was the case for the Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) partnerships team. They’d built a bunch of partnerships with some great corporates, including L’Oréal, Interflora, Terry White Chemmart and Hanes Australia. They had some terrific campaigns and activations, but the team wondered if they could get better return for all of their and their partner’s efforts. It’s frustrating, and exhausting, for a talented team trying to pack a lot of impact into their day. OCA has some ambitious goals for the future, so the team wanted more value in their partnerships to support that growth. They needed a fresh set of eyes to provide a different perspective and new ideas.

The solution

Stellar Partnerships provided a combination of perspective, insights, problem solving and possibilities. The first step was a deep dive analysis into the existing portfolio. It became clear that some partners had the potential for growth, whilst others were proving harder to develop better value even with a lot of time and energy invested. The OCA team also realised that their partnerships portfolio had a narrow focus on fundraising and marketing, which were very resource intensive.
The second step involved a workshop with key stakeholders and the CEO to understand OCA’s priorities and strategic direction. This enabled the team to identify what it needs from corporate partners to support OCA’s growth and get clarity on the types of new partners that are the best fit. The penny dropped for OCA when they realised that the push for fundraising income had left a bucket of other value, including advocacy and new channels and audiences, untapped.

The result

OCA is refreshing and revitalising its corporate partnerships portfolio. The team is exploring ways to divest or delegate some partnerships and is refocusing its efforts on the best opportunities for growth. OCA has an action plan, a new set of priorities and clear focus for the way ahead. Its leadership team is on board and has gained a whole new understanding of the value that partnerships could bring to OCA.

Jane Hill, CEO of Ovarian Cancer Australia says, “Our partners play an integral role at Ovarian Cancer Australia to help us to support women living with ovarian cancer.  Equally, we want to ensure we are providing real value back our partners. Stellar Partnerships has helped us to think in new ways to develop deeper and more strategic partnerships.”

Ovarian Cancer Australia are on track for success.