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Stellar Partnerships: Corporate & Community Partnership
Stellar Partnerships: Corporate & Community Partnership

AI: 4 uses for better partnerships

There is a lot of buzz around Chat GPT right now. Woo, shiny new toy – I’m there faster than a magpie in swooping season. Yes, my name is Sharon and I’m 100% sucked into using AI technology now. I went down a rabbit hole the other night having fun with Chat GPT and asked it to write a song about Stellar Partnerships. Linda almost fell off her chair laughing and replied saying Beyonce’s Grammy record will be safe. (I’ll give you some of the lyrics at the end)

I’m loving AI- for fun and to explore ideas. At this stage, I’ll admit that I’m a bit addicted.

However, when it comes to corporate partnerships there are so many possibilities and uses for AI. Corporates and charities are two very different tribes, with their own languages- just like program people and fundraisers. AI can be a great tool to bridge the communication gap between the two. AI is not a substitute for building real relationships, but it can certainly help you cut through the non-profit jargon.

The thing with AI, as with most things in life, you don’t know what you don’t know. The information you get out is only as good as the information or questions that you put in. The more you use it the better you get at providing the right information at the start.  

Here are a few areas where AI can make your life easier as a partnership manager:  

Program reports

I remember the days when I’d receive a program report, read through it a few times and still couldn’t understand it. (I own a bachelor’s degree in English by the way.) Sound familiar? How can you pass that report on to your corporate partner who isn’t versed in the ins and outs of social development language? Well, you can’t, or you shouldn’t at least. What you can do though is lift the paragraph that’s particularly confusing and use Copy AI to rewrite it for you. Jump into the writing tools function/ tone changer and choose from a number of tones such as friendly, professional, or empathetic. Have a play, it’s an amazing tool.

Partnership taglines

I don’t know how many pitches I’ve seen that end with “Together we can…” There’s nothing wrong with this – it’s just beige and every other non-profit is using it in their deck/ proposal. How about you brighten that up with an AI generated slogan? Enter Chat GPT. I was playing around this morning to get some slogans for new partnerships we’re working on. These are slogans or taglines that can be used in your pitches/ proposals. They don’t have to be perfect if you’re at pitch/ proposal stage, but it shows that you’ve put some thought into how a partnership can be marketed. I find with Chat GPT the better the information and questions you put in the better your response is. I asked Chat GPT to “create a short, succinct and inspiring tagline for a corporate partnership between Target and Australian Childhood Foundation that is based on what they have in common”. Here’s the response I got: “Empowering tomorrow, today: Target and Australian Childhood Foundation, a powerful partnership for children.” It needs some work, but this took me less than a minute.

Email subject lines

Email subject lines can be the decider of whether your email gets read or not. They need to quickly grab the readers intention to stop you getting deleted or ignored. How much thought do you put into what goes in the subject lines? If it’s a prospecting email you should be putting a lot of thought into it. I use Omnisend every week for our newsletter. It’s had an incredible effect on our open rates. It’s a free tool that gives you a score out of 100 for how good your subject line. What’s even better? It tells you how to improve what you started with. Give it a go. You can test my subject line – which started out as ‘Powerful partnership uses for AI’.  


Are you familiar with the remove background feature in PowerPoint whilst you’re preparing images for a deck? It’s so annoying how you almost have it perfect and then it pinks over an area that you just fixed. Gah!!! I used to spend time doing this too. Until I found Cleanup.pictures. Upload the image you want to use and remove the things that are spoiling the image. It’s very clever, super easy to use and again its free. What are you waiting for?  

The possibilities are as infinite as your imagination. As partnership people you’re naturally creative and curious so put these superpowers to use with AI and gain some additional time in your day. Afterall, your time is priceless and the work you do is hard but rewarding. Why not make it easier for yourself.   

Oh, and as promised, here are a couple of verses of the song I asked Chat GPT to create for Stellar Partnerships. You probably won’t be humming this any time soon, but just remember – this is only the start of AI and things are going to get better very quickly. Eurovision anyone?

“Song About Stellar Partnerships”

Stellar Partnerships, shining bright
Bringing companies together in the night
Joining forces, making things right
Building a future that’s worth the fight

Stellar Partnerships, they bring the change
Working hand in hand, a perfect arrange
Bringing solutions, making a way
For corporate partners to shine every day

A union that’s strong, a bond that’s true
Stellar Partnerships, making dreams come through
A better tomorrow, for me and you
With their help, anything is possible, it’s true