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Date : 16/05/2022

Getting out of your comfort zone

We humans are all creatures of habit. That’s why we go to our favourite restaurant and end up ordering the same thing each time. Or we open the wardrobe and wear the same 20% of our clothes. We just know ...
Date : 10/05/2022

Best dressed for partnerships

“You are not going out dressed like that!” I can hear my mother’s words echoing in my head from my teenage years. It’s fair to say I experimented with a bunch of outfits that ranged from fashion forward to downright ...
Date : 02/05/2022

Always be opening

The British businessman James Goldsmith was famous for his many wives and amorous adventures. He once offered this advice after his third marriage, “if you marry your mistress, you create a job vacancy”. When partnerships managers finally get to a ...
Date : 26/04/2022

Raising the bar

Have you ever seen a barrister in action? Below the antiquated gown and scratchy wig, there is a magician at work. One of the features of our legal system is that a barrister can work on a wide range of ...
Date : 19/04/2022

The power of storytelling

When I was a little girl there was a TV series in the UK called Jackanory. It ran for no more than 15 mins in the afternoon during the kids’ shows. It was a simple format with a presenter sitting ...
Date : 12/04/2022

Rise of the JEDI

I had a ‘feeling my age’ moment last month. I talked about seeing the first Star Wars movies as a kid, and the thrill of the big screen experience. The young woman I was meeting with said she wasn’t born ...
Date : 05/04/2022

Stop pitching, start fishing

At his inauguration, US President John F Kennedy made an impassioned speech to his fellow Americans. “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”. He put forth an ambitious vision of ...
Date : 28/03/2022

Avoiding the burnt chop

Shortly after my wedding, my lovely mother-in-law gave me a novel piece of advice. “Avoid the burnt chop” she said. I was baffled, thinking she was giving me well-meaning cooking advice, but it turned out to be a common Australian ...