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Date : 30/11/2021

Lights, camera, action!

It’s funny how some things that were once familiar have now become novelties. Working in an office and wearing a suit seem quaint and slightly eccentric. Last week we hosted our first in-person workshop since January, and it was a ...
Date : 22/11/2021

Question Time

Can poodles breathe underwater? Why don’t crabs have eyebrows? What does a rainbow taste like? Kids ask the best questions. My 5 year-old neighbour asked his mum, “where do I come from?” She took a deep breath and launched into ...
Date : 15/11/2021

Balancing risk and opportunity

What’s your appetite for risk? Sharon always teases me that I’m risk averse, and my haircut hasn’t changed substantially for 10 years. Until a few weeks ago. After 80 days of Melbourne’s last ‘7 day snap lockdown’, I headed to ...
Date : 09/11/2021

Time to rethink volunteering

What’s the first thing you did after lockdown ended? Some people headed straight to the pub. But it wasn’t the lack of booze during lockdown that drove people to queue outside a bar at 8am; it was the opportunity to ...
Date : 01/11/2021

Great resignation or great opportunity?

Borders are opening and airlines are dusting the desert sand off their planes. People are starting to plan trips and my inbox is full of ads for overseas holidays. We’re on the move again. But it’s not just family reunions ...
Date : 25/10/2021

Conscious consumer, hidden audience

As vaccination rates climb, we’re heading into the Spring sunshine like bears out of hibernation. We’ve all made adjustments and, like my waistline, things are not likely to bounce back into the same shape. How many of you are likely ...
Date : 11/10/2021

Making your case

Children are the evil geniuses of persuasion. They’re able to make their case in a way that hits all of our hot spots and pain points to get the outcome they want. I remember well the bedtime battles that would ...
Date : 04/10/2021

Time to spring clean your partnerships

Spring sunshine has arrived and it’s shining a light into the dusty corners of my house. I’ve got a spider family that has not so much taken up residence but has stayed long enough to raise grandchildren and put on ...
Date : 28/09/2021

Practice makes perfect

“Excellence is not an art. It is the habit of practice”. Aristotle Is there anything more painful to hear than a prep kid playing the recorder? I thought so until my son took up the violin aged 6. He was ...