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Date : 21/06/2021

Getting the fit right

I have three sections in my wardrobe. The first is full of the things that fit me well, make me feel comfortable and work in my favourite colours. I wear them all the time and they deliver for me, every ...
Date : 15/06/2021

You can’t whistle a symphony

“You can’t whistle a symphony. You need the whole orchestra”. H.E. Luccock I miss live music. Lockdowns have left me craving the thrill of being in a live audience with the music about to start. Just a few weeks ago ...
Date : 31/05/2021

Taking the F word out of partnerships

My son was an early reader. At kindergarten he devoured letters and numbers and knew his favourite books by heart. It made it tricky to avoid things that weren’t fit for a 5-year old’s eyes. By prep he still thought ...
Date : 25/05/2021

A glimpse of the future

What will you tell the next generation about COVID 19? Imagine you’re settled in your comfy armchair on your 80th birthday, surrounded by kindergarten kids. What will say? Will you share the statistics, the infection rates and the daily tolls? ...