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20 Awesome Things in 2020

I know 2020 has had some downright awful things happen. I honestly feel like I have PTSD from being cooped up with my 4 year old whilst simultaneously working. I’m definitely a glass half full kind of girl so I know that I got off pretty lightly. This blog is totally off the topic of partnerships, just like the popular ‘And finally,’ segment of our newsletter and it has a ton of links. Grab yourself a drink, settle in and start feeling warm and joyful inside.  Enjoy.

  1. Focusing on the good side of giving, $500 million was raised for the Australian bushfires last summer. With Celeste Barber showing the enormous power of having an audience and raising $51million herself.
  2. Captain Tom who aimed to walk 100 laps of his garden before he celebrated his 100th birthday on the 30th April this year. He was fundraising for the UK’s NHS. Since then he’s raised £9m for the NHS, had a number 1 hit with ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ sung with Michael Ball and has been knighted.
  3. Italians helping each other get through the first lockdown through singing on their balconies
  4. Australians lighting up the dawn and heading to the end of their driveways in the midst of lockdown to commemorate Anzac Day.
  5. Dog shelters emptying out in 2020 as everyone wants a pet this year.
  6. More time and money to spend with our families and/ or exercising by ditching the daily commute for many of us who have been working from home.
  7. Reduction in pollution as the world stopped moving for big parts of the year. The Himalaya’s were visible for the first time in decades.
  8. So many memes – where would we have been in 2020 without them?!
  9. Also, fantastic parody versions of our favourite songs like these; Vogue, Coronavirus Rhapsody, Staying Inside, Social Distancing. Geez, people are so clever!
  10. 89 year old pizza delivery driver gets a $12K tip from a TikTok family.
  11. Ben and Jerry’s Black Lives Matter Manifesto sets the bar in social purpose.
  12. Qantas’ flight to nowhere sells out in 10 minutes
  13. Ocean Spray and Fleetwood Mac had a dream of a time after TikToker Nathan Apodaca’s video goes viral. The 66m likes have dramatically changed his life too.
  14. I found this blog about micro-journaling mid-year (although it was written in 2018) and it has been the most influential blog I’ve read this year. I implemented micro-journaling a couple of months ago and I’m seeing tremendous results from it.
  15. David Nicholl’s, author of One Day, sent out tweets to draw attention to debut authors who were releasing their first books.
  16. It’s been less than a year since coronavirus spread across the world causing the chaos that has been 2020 and already we have a vaccine that is approved and being distributed in the UK sending Pfizer’s stocks soaring and interestingly sending Zoom’s stocks plummeting.
  17. 2020 fashion- dressing up for the bin run, dressing professionally from the waist up for work, and those out of control hairdos that all of us in Melbourne had around October time.
  18. Culture from your couch, so many great livestream concerts and performances to enjoy this year. Check out what’s coming up here
  19. A koala in your Christmas tree might just be the cutest story all year.
  20. You– well done for getting through this year.

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