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The hidden secret to increasing partnership value

Over the weekend I built an IKEA wardrobe. I love building stuff but in the interests of marital harmony, my husband is banned from wielding…

4 ways to overcome lack of budget

We have no budget. Yes, you do. You’re just choosing to spend it elsewhere. Corporates and non-profits use the budget excuse all the time. What…

3 ways to tell if your partnership is shaky

Valentine’s Day saw an ocean of red roses, love hearts and chocolate as we celebrated the important relationships in life. In Melbourne, it was followed…

3 ways that trust drives innovation

Happy year of the dragon! It’s supposed to be a year of growth and regeneration, with the promise of greater prosperity. I am a dragon…

4 important questions to answer

Schools are back and we can feel the suburban tsunami of relief from harassed parents. On the other side of the fence, teachers are fielding…

5 ways to unearth your hidden potential

One of my favourite things to do at the start of a new year is to buy a diary. The clean, fresh pages speak of…

2024 – the year for new thinking

Summer holidays are almost over and most of us have enjoyed a time to breathe, restore and refresh. The roads were free of stressed drivers…

5 unique opportunities with corporate foundations

In the lead up to Christmas my children were super alert to any presents hidden in the house. They paid lip service to the idea…

Finding your flow in partnerships

It’s only a few weeks to Christmas and everyone I know is looking a bit stressed. If you’ve got kids, then you’re probably juggling all…

4 ways to be thankful

How does it feel when a good deed goes unrecognised? For me, it’s the small acts of selfishness that really get me fired up. The…

4 recipes for resilience

We’re lining up on the runway, getting ready for Christmas take-off. You can feel the building stress in the crazy driving on the roads. We’re…

Your logo isn’t your biggest asset

The fashion industry has made trillions by encouraging women to make the most of their best assets. Depending on the latest trend, that might mean…