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Start small, but get started

When you get started on something new you become aware of all the people that are already brilliant at it. At my first tap dancing…

The accidental partnership executive

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s the favourite question that adults ask kids. How on earth do you know? In…

Candid conversations

Kids are the most brutal critics. Perhaps that’s why so many people prefer dogs; they don’t care if you’re dressed badly or haven’t cleaned the…

Letter to my younger self

I grew up before the internet, when kids played in the street until it got dark and came home when dinner was ready. Thankfully, the…

Opposition or allies? Managing your internal stakeholders

There is an old story about Winston Churchill taking a newly elected MP into the UK houses of parliament. Pointing across the chamber, the newbie…

The trap of playing favourites

When you open your wardrobe do you have your favourites? I find myself reaching for things that I know are predictable, comfortable and safe. When…

Measure for measure

Last Mother’s Day my family treated me to a dinner at a swish Melbourne restaurant. It had an impressive 4- star rating from the critics…

Keeping the wheels turning

“Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” Albert Einstein. It’s midwinter and getting out of bed on a cold…

Avoiding the trap of complacency

Our world is in a turbulent phase, like an oyster writhing to resist the grain of sand before it creates a pearl. Things we took…

Brace for impact

I once asked an international development expert what she really wanted from a corporate partner. Her response wasn’t what I expected. Rather than ask for…

From helping to belonging

Motivation is a very personal thing. At my son’s high school the librarian had the challenge of inspiring teenage boys to read books. Rather than…

A drop in the ocean

It’s 12C and raining in Melbourne and I’m feeling smug about having booked my first holiday to QLD in years. I know that mentioning my…