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Finding your flow in partnerships

It’s only a few weeks to Christmas and everyone I know is looking a bit stressed. If you’ve got kids, then you’re probably juggling all…

4 ways to be thankful

How does it feel when a good deed goes unrecognised? For me, it’s the small acts of selfishness that really get me fired up. The…

4 recipes for resilience

We’re lining up on the runway, getting ready for Christmas take-off. You can feel the building stress in the crazy driving on the roads. We’re…

Your logo isn’t your biggest asset

The fashion industry has made trillions by encouraging women to make the most of their best assets. Depending on the latest trend, that might mean…

Working harder on the wrong thing

Children get fixated on something that fascinates them. My daughter loved gardening when she was little. She planted her flowers gently, watered them diligently and…

5 secrets to pricing partnerships

Negotiating the value of corporate partnerships is like the bathroom scene in the film Pretty Woman. Edward is negotiating for a week of Vivien’s time…

3 ways leaders are hampering partnerships

I like to believe in good intentions but they often lead to unintended consequences. A good intention with a bad approach can lead to a…

Perspective, problem solving and potential

Australia after the resounding No vote to the Voice feels a lot like the UK after the Brexit vote. Some were shocked, others celebrated, whilst…

Why a scarcity mindset is killing growth

Cruising holidays are back in fashion. COVID was a PR disaster for the industry but now everyone is jumping at the chance to indulge and…

3 secrets of successful organisations

There is more to life than money. Ask any diehard Collingwood or Penrith Panther fan over the weekend if they would have traded their match…

Pros and cons of corporate-matched giving

Everyone loves a freebie. A ‘buy one, get one free’ deal is great clickbait for marketers. Corporate matched donations for a giving day event or…

3 limitations of partnership tiers

Life is full of experiences that seemed good at the time but which we’d rather not repeat. For me it’s a curly perm, shiny lycra…