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Looking for new corporate partners? Here’s how to identify your best corporate partnership prospects

I love watching my 3 year-old make friends. It’s so innocent and there is absolutely no fear of failure. She is Frozen obsessed and for…

Overcoming the Iceberg of Ignorance in Corporate Partnerships

The Iceberg of Ignorance study suggested that only 4% of problems in an organisation were known to senior management, whilst those involved in day to…

What’s the right price for my corporate partnership proposal?

The issue that many charities struggle with is how much to ask for when pitching to a corporate partner. Does that solve your problem? No,…

An asset catalogue unlocks higher value corporate partnerships. Why?

Can you imagine pitching a corporate partnership only half dressed? We’ve all had one of those dreams. Or the embarrassing realisation that your fly is…

Corporate Partnerships – A Dating Guide

At Stellar Partnerships we’re romantics at heart and we often talk about corporate partnerships as a marriage and not a speed date. We just read…

How to train your dragons: managing your internal stakeholders for great corporate partnerships

Sometimes it feels like the hardest relationships aren’t the new corporate prospects you’re targeting, but your own internal stakeholders. Just like the movie, your colleagues…

I’m not pretty enough. Do you have to be sexy to win a corporate partner?

Let’s be honest, a pug isn’t the best-looking dog. It’s got a face that looks like it’s been hit with a brick, it wheezes like…

We have some exciting news to share!

Stellar Partnerships is proud to announce that we are founding members of The Xfactor Collective. We are Australia’s first community of highly skilled independent consultants,…

Does my logo look big in this? Understanding what corporate partners really want from a charity

Hands up if you think there’s a queue of corporates that can’t wait to see their logo on your charity’s website. Now repeat after me,…

Gold, silver and bronze- great for sports, but not corporate partnerships

The Commonwealth Games had the nation enthralled with how many times Australians climbed the medal podium. Now that the excitement of thrashing Lesotho or the…

The 4Ps of pitching for corporate partnerships

You’ve got to admire Anthony Robbins and how he is able to motivate and generate self confidence in everyone. His style and his smile are…


I’m sure you heard of this expression before – it’s everybody’s favourite radio station ‘what’s in it for me?’. From working with a range of…