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Raising the bar

Have you ever seen a barrister in action? Below the antiquated gown and scratchy wig, there is a magician at work. One of the features…

The power of storytelling

When I was a little girl there was a TV series in the UK called Jackanory. It ran for no more than 15 mins in…

Rise of the JEDI

I had a ‘feeling my age’ moment last month. I talked about seeing the first Star Wars movies as a kid, and the thrill of…

Stop pitching, start fishing

At his inauguration, US President John F Kennedy made an impassioned speech to his fellow Americans. “Ask not what your country can do for you;…

Avoiding the burnt chop

Shortly after my wedding, my lovely mother-in-law gave me a novel piece of advice. “Avoid the burnt chop” she said. I was baffled, thinking she…

Corporate partner or charity competitor?

Change has a way of sneaking up on you before you realise it. Last weekend I cleaned out a big cupboard and found in its…

Hitting a corporate partner’s hot spots

My border collie knows how to push my buttons. Whenever I reach for my runners, she waits by the door in the hope that I…

10 wishes for International Women’s Day

I like pink. Some of my favourite clothes are pink. But when I opened Shutterstock to search for International Women’s Day pictures there was a…

Avoiding brand washing in sponsorships

Remember the good old days? They weren’t always as rosy as we thought they were. When I was young it was commonplace to see cigarette…

Selling to vs selling through

Who makes the decisions in your household? Research shows that women make at least two thirds of the purchasing decisions, from houses to groceries. But…

Finding Warm Introductions

Think about your own inbox. Which emails do you respond to the quickest? Do some emails take a little more thought and time to write…

10 tips to make your website partnership friendly

I love window shopping. It excites me about possibilities. I can imagine walking into a party in that lovely outfit or creating a tidy desk…