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Want to get on top of things in Corporate Partnerships?

I’ve been working in partnerships for more than 10 years now. Wow, they have changed so much in that time. Cause related marketing came in and then out of fashion, sponsorship has gradually decreased and now we’re living in Corona-times. If you are in Victoria, or elsewhere, here’s some things you can do to keep on top of things right now.

Get yourself a partnership buddy

Don’t do this alone. Reach out to other partnership managers. Use them as a source of inspiration, commiseration and to bounce ideas off. Partnerships can be a lonely journey, especially if you are the only partnership manager in an organisation. It doesn’t have to be though. Find others who are on a similar journey to you – you never know they might just become your lifelong friends. If you’d like introductions within our partnership community, please reach out. We’d be happy to connect you.

Set yourself a realistic bar

You are only one person and yes, I know you want to do really well at your role. Putting the weight of your whole organisation on your shoulders is way too much pressure. You won’t be able to perform at your best. I really believe being a partnership manager is one of the best jobs but only if you approach it light-heartedly. Your creativity, passion and service are what wins partnerships. These all require space so protect your time to let these thrive.

Build trust and understanding with your board

Warm and senior executive level introductions are going to make your role a lot easier. Are you struggling to get time or leads from your board? It’s a common problem. If you’re struggling in this area you need to think about why. Have partnerships or leads not been managed well previously? Does your board know what your partnership strategy is and have visibility of your partnership pipeline? Do they know who your hot prosects are? If you really can’t get access to your board then set up a business advisory group who are there specifically for the role of providing introductions and advise around the business sector.

Stop trying to do it all yourself

It takes a village to win and manage corporate partnerships. If you don’t engage and empower other departments and team members you will quickly feel the squeeze of being the narrow point in an egg timer. Educate your team about what it takes to nurture integrated partnerships and be the introducer. It means that instead of everything coming through you (ouch – that’s busy), peer to peer relationships can develop with you as the conduit to making this happen.

If you’re already doing these things, well done superstar and give yourself a big pat on the back. We know things are tough out there. If you haven’t seen partnerships come to fruition in the last short while be gentle with yourself as they will come. Sometimes it just takes time. Believe in yourself. We will certainly be cheering you on.

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